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Artistscape Ceramic Painting Studio has developed a program that allows individuals to complete a ceramic painting project. All of our projects can be completed by all ages, abilities and genders. Through this process each artist will leave feeling a strong sense of achievement, accomplishment and enjoyment. The activity of painting creates a relaxing environment where each and every individual can thrive in their own projects. There are no limitations or restrictions as to who can participate. Art allows individuals to escape emotional effects of any disabilities or disorders through imagination and creative expression. We provide flexibility with our monthly classes, and will accommodate the schedules and needs of your organization. In May 2015 Artistscape began working with McCormick Home by donating time and materials for an 8 week ceramic painting program.  This program introduces 10 individuals to various ceramic painting projects. Our instructor travels to McCormick Home and works along-side the artists with their project. We have selected specific ceramics and techniques for each session. The objective is to choose ceramics that can be used in everyday living.  The program has created a positive impact to the artist’s well-being, confidence and productivity in class participants.
  There is an opportunity to assist us with offsetting our cost for this program through sponsorship's. To sponsor an artist for the whole 8 week period, is only $100!   dimensionART  

McCormick Home